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Stay with us!

Robert-Patrick.WS Live Journal is still on hiatus however, but our site & social sources is alive and we happy to see our friends & visitors.

2013 Robert Patrick Birthday Project

To celebrate Robert's birthday November 5th, 2013, we from Robert-Patrick.WS are holding a birthday project for all Robert fans to submit their messages, artwork, video, etc and the staff will put this all together. If you would like to congratulate Robert, please read rules and filling the form. If you have any questions please email us with the subject "RP Birthday Project".


JUNE 18, 2013

Screen Captures of episode 6.01 "Who are you, really?" of "True Blood" have been added into the gallery.

JUNE 30, 2013

We have new HD screen captures from Robert's movies. Enjoy the pictures!

JULY 09, 2013

Added HD screen captures of Robert as Jackson from new episodes of True Blood: 6.02 You're No Good, 6.03 At Last

JULY 16, 2013

The "True Blood" page has been updated to include plot summaries for the first four episodes of season 6 with Robert Patrick. Screen Captures of episode 6.05 "Fuck the pain away" have been added into the gallery.

Hey guys! Don't forget "True Blood" Season 6 premieres this Sunday!!! Are you ready?

Gallery updated with 100 HD screen captures from "Identity Thief" (2013)

Here's part 1 of pictures taken at the Calgary Expo. This set features photos of Robert Patrick, Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi, Linda Hamilton, Michael Biehn, Kristanna Loken, Peter Kent. Thanks to XFilesNews.COM, _tcamila, KaylanSW, mkunneke, PlanetWarren, sarieswick, Shelby_Borys for bravely taking those pictures.

We will keep updating this album when we get more pictures from the event.

Press has been updated with a new article "The Great Escape: How hard is it for Calgary Expo actors to shed their most famous creations?"

It sounds a little too cute, particularly when talking about the actor who played the shape-shifting, relentlessly lethal T-1000 in Terminator 2.

But to save his career, Robert Patrick had to "morph" from that ever-morphing killer android he is most famous for playing. Yes, the friendly Georgian actually uses that word when describing his strategy during those nerve-racking months after James Cameron's 1991 sci-fi sequel became a blockbuster and Patrick's steely-eyed stare became immediately famous. Unfortunately, the first role the actor nabbed after playing the upgraded Terminator was ... well, the Terminator, albeit a tongue-in-cheek version for 1993's Wayne's World. Next up? The Terminator. This time it was at the request of his T2 co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who also wanted to use Patrick's iconic look for comedic purposes in his 1993 bomb, The Last Action Hero. Read more...

A mix of photos from the events & movies have been added into the gallery for you all.

Gallery updated with the photos from HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati. Thank you to Brooke-lyn Sexton, who wants to know, Broseph, Cynthia Barnhart, Raul Cardenas, JillSixx Gevargizian, Levi Williams, Lori Spicer, Mark Earhart, Cassie Bilbee, Scott Terry, Justin von Doom, Heather Marcum, Matthew Jamison, Char Wood, Ralph J. Miller who has sent their photos.

If you have photos of Robert Patrick, and you would like to share them with other Patrick fans, then please send your photos to robertpatricksite@gmail.com or tag us @RobertPatrickWS on twitter and you will see them here soon!

NOTE: Please respect the fact that the copyright of these photos belongs to the fans who took them, and who have kindly agreed to share them with the Robert Patrick WS and should not be placed on other websites unless with their permission, thank you.

I've added new screen captures of Robert Patrick in "Gangster Squad" movie to the gallery.

I've also added 7 stills from "Last Resort" Episode 1.07, 1.11 and 1.13.

I've added 200 hi-definition 1280x544 captures of Robert from his role as Jimbo Caldwell in "Jayne Mansfield's Car" (2012).